Outside of being an actress, stuntwoman, and a martial artist, I'm also a doctor! I have two Masters degrees, one in Fitness Science and the other in Holistic Nutrition. I also have a PhD in Natural Health Sciences. As a martial artist, I hold a 6th DAN in Arjukanpo, a 6th DAN in Doce Pares Eskrima, and a Certified Level B in Israeli KAPAP! I am also Certified Level C in GIKA (International KAPAP Association Guatemala) and Certified in Security Defensive Tactics Inc (Law Enforcement Self Defense Puerto Rico) and Black Belt in Street Smart Survival System.

I'm known in the world of acting, stunts, bodybuilding, martial arts, veganism, nutrition, and wrestling! I live a great and joyful life with my husband, Gregory Crosby (grandson to Bing), who is a writer/producer and our beautiful son, Luke G. Crosby, who is also an actor/martial artist!

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