Did You Know...

  • Spice holds a 3rd DAN in Arjukanpo (Shihan Mark Parra & GM ‘Vince Palumbo’ and a 1st DAN in Doce Pares Eskrima (GM Cacoy Canete & GM ‘Anthony Kleeman’. Spice is the 5th woman to achieve a Black Belt under GM ‘Anthony Kleeman’. She is also the only woman in America granted Level B in Israeli KAPAP by the Israeli ministry of Education.
  • August 2011, Spice was inducted into the HOLLYWOOD STUNTMAN’S HALL OF FAME
  • August 2011, Spice was inducted into the MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME
  • In October 2006, there was a big auction on Christie’s to honor Star Trek’s 40 years. Costumes, props, models, and several other stuff was auctioned. There was a costume from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), a Klingon costume. It was worn by Spice Williams-Crosby. This costume, Item number 912, was auctioned off for $4,200!!!

A Special Tattoo

Spice has a Klingon Symbol tattoo on her ankle from one of the best!  Zulu is her tattoo artist and he is a lover of Klingons!!! She has her Klingon name, “Vixis” at the bottom of the symbol and Qapla’ to the side, written in Klingonise!  This tat was at the request of her son, Luke, who felt she should have the “mark of a Klingon!”

In terms of skill, Zulu is considered one of the top artists in his field. His Celebrity-client list includes Janet Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Rosie O’Donnell, Lisa Bonet, David Duchovny, Danny Elfman and Queen Latifah. He speaks proudly of the large works he’s done on local body-art legends,including drag hostess Divinity Fudge and bulldagger photographer Marina Spike. Zulu believes in the process, and his clientele tends to be interested in acquiring a meaningful tattoo. The experience should be interactive to some extent: “I encourage clients to get involved in the creation of their sacred markings as we work together to bring that which is within you to the Surface,” Zulu states.

  • She was the first Vegan Bodybuilder to display her physique and acting ability on screen in the CBS TV movie Getting Physical (1984) (TV).
  • She’s been a member of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures since 1985.
  • She’s in the Marquis Who’s Who for her production of the “Power Source Day” that ran for 13 years.
  • She survived being thrown out of an auto accident at age 18 that put her into a six-day coma. She battled back through a physical recovery that also led to an addiction to painkillers, speed and alcohol that resulted in a seven-year substance abuse problem. In September 1977, Spice fell to her knees and asked God to help her turn her life around. She has been clean ever since.
  • In 2004, Spice was one of three women, in the history of the United States, to take their Black Belt in Arjukanpo (five combatant styles – Kickboxing, JuJitsu, Judo, Grappling & Eskrima)
  • In 2002, Spice was asked to pose for a 30ft bronze statue, representing all past, present and future female athletes of the Olympics.